Annual Tax Returns

This Public Notice is for the attention of all employers of labour, company owners or their representatives, promoters of business including Not-For-Profit Organizations, and all taxable persons resident in Oyo State. You are by this notice invited to note that:

  • Pursuant to the provision of section 81(2) of the Personal Income Tax Act Cap P8 LFN 2004, as amended, (hereinafter referred to as PITA), as an employer of labour, even if not a taxable person under PITA, you are required to file a tax return of all emoluments of your employees with Oyo State Internal Revenue Service, OYIRS, not later than 31st of January, 2024;

  • Section 81(2) PITA (as amended) states that;

    “Every employer shall be required to file a return with the relevant tax authority of all emoluments paid to its employees, not later than 31st January of every year in respect of all employees in its employment in the preceding year”
  • The PAYE Returns should be in the format prescribed on the Oyo State Revenue Self-Service platform and submitted not later than the 31st January, 2024.

  • Ultimate Employers of labour in outsourcing arrangements, are, not later than 31st of January, 2024, required to file separate returns of each outsourcing arrangement that indicate, where applicable, the Withholding Tax Returns, and the schedule of the number and cadre of employees that were involved in each outsourcing arrangement.

    The report, as would be presented under this clause by the Ultimate Employer, does not preclude the PAYE Returns that are required of the Outsourcing Service Providers/Labour Brokerage Firms with respect to the deployment of their recruits to companies in Oyo State;

  • Not-for-Profit Organizations, including cooperative societies, ecclesiastical, charitable or educational institution, and any person, sole individual or group of individuals, who has income that is exempt from tax in the Third Schedule of the PITA, are required to file tax returns with respect to any other income, that is not so exempt to tax;

  • Consequent upon clause (3) above, and in line with the provision of section 19(3)a of PITA, cooperative societies and all Not-for-Profit Organizations, are required to:

    • File returns on all interest, bonuses, salaries or wages paid wholly or in part out of their income, and,
    • File returns of any payment made to any person as part of the appropriation of trade profit or surplus from operation;
  • By the provision of section 108 of PITA, which provides that a “taxable person” means “any individual or body of individuals (including a family, any corporation sole, trustee or executor) having any income which is chargeable with tax under the provisions of this Act (PITA), all business owners, including High Net-worth Individuals, are required to file returns of their individual income;

  • The deadline for filing of PAYE returns is 31st of January, 2024 while that for filing of individual returns for persons not in employment is 31st of March, 2024;

  • In addition, every Business Organizations should submit:

    • An Annual Withholding Tax Returns (WHT) of transactions -(contracts, Rents, Dividend etc.)- that should, in compliance with Sections 69, 70, 71, and 72 of the Act indicate the types, rates and values of the transactions and, the names, the address and other particulars of the taxpayers involved;
    • A summary of all remittances made to Oyo State Government should be separately rendered for PAYE, Withholding Taxes and Development Levy;
    • A Return on the Development Levy; and
    • A schedule of the Expatriates Quota and Immigration Returns (where applicable).
  • All returns are to be filed online through the self-service platform. Kindly log on to to upload the returns and for any other interactions with Oyo State Internal Revenue Service;

  • Kindly download the templates for PAYE, and Withholding Tax Returns and upload same after providing the information required. You may attach additional documents, where necessary

  • Non-compliance attracts penalties, including a fine of Five Hundred Thousand Naira, (N500,000.00) for Corporate bodies and legal liability for the owners and principal officers of such entities, and a fine of Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000.00) for individuals. In addition, business owners and directors may be denied Personal Tax Clearance Certificate if their business is in default of the remittance of the PAYE.

    For any enquiry, send message through; visit the Revenue House, Oyo State Internal Revenue Service, State Secretariat, Agodi, Ibadan or the nearest Tax Station of OYIRS; or call 09034423126,07012990552,08079994656


AWAKAN, Adebowale Olufemi.

Executive Chairman